Steve Adubato Speaks with NJ Governor, Phil Murphy, on Childcare and Public Policy in New Jersey

govenor Phil Murphy

Steve Adubato and Matthew Melmed Discuss Critical Brain Development from Birth to Three on Caucus: New Jersey

Matthew Melmed

Matthew Melmed, Executive Director, ZERO TO THREE sits down with Steve Adubato on Caucus: New Jersey to explain why birth to three is a critical time for a child’s brain development, especially the first two years. Melmed also shares the importance of relationships between a child and parent/caregiver.

New Guidelines for Safe Infant Sleep

new guidelines for safe infant sleep

The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued updated guidelines on sleep environments for babies to reduce cases of SIDS and promote safety and well-being.

Steve Adubato and Childhood Experts Discuss Right From the Start NJ: The Critical Years Birth to Three

right from the start nj

The Right From the Start NJ Campaign was recently featured on Caucus: New Jersey with Steve Adubato. Birth to three years old is a critical time during brain development. This panel examines what exactly happens to a child’s brain during this time, what quality early education looks like, and reviews the rate of disparity of child care costs and the need for increased financial support from the state.

Arturo Brito MD, Speaks About Supporting the Right From the Start NJ Campaign

Arturo Brito MD, speaks about supporting the Right From The Start NJ campaign

Dr. Arturo Brito, Executive Director of The Nicholson Foundation, discusses RFTSNJ at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's "Building a Culture of Health in NJ" event.

Cecilia Zalkind Explains to Steve Adubato Why NJ's Childcare System is in Crisis

MJs Childcare System in Crisis

Cecilia Zalkind, President & CEO, Advocates for Children of New Jersey joins State of Affairs with Steve Adubato to discuss the findings of the ACNJ study on child care for children in the birth to three age range, and explains why New Jersey’s child care system is in crisis.

Steve Adubato Speaks with Both NJ Gubernatorial Candidates Regarding Childcare and Public Policy

govenors play

New Jersey’s Next Governor with Steve Adubato” is a two-part special featuring in-depth interviews with gubernatorial candidates Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno (R) and Ambassador Phil Murphy (D). Steve Adubato speaks with both candidates regarding childcare and public policy in New Jersey.

Social & Emotional Wellness in Babies and Toddlers

social emotion play

How can we promote the social and emotional wellness of babies and toddlers? Even our very first experiences as babies and toddlers can have a lifelong impact on our social and emotional health. How the adults in our lives treat us and care for us demonstrates how we are valued, and provides the backbone of our self esteem. 

Screen Time for Young Children

screentime play

What do the experts say about screen time for young children? The American Academy of Pediatrics has new guidelines that may surprise you. For children under 18 months old, they recommend no screen time at all. For children between 18 months and two years, limited and supervised time in front of devices for less than

Sen. Teresa M. Ruiz Joins Steve Adubato to Share the Importance of Early Childhood Development in NJ

Senator Ruiz

Senator Teresa M. Ruiz (D)- NJ, speaks about the importance of early childhood development in New Jersey on State of Affairs with Steve Adubato

The Importance of Paid Family Leave for Children

paid family leave play

The Family Medical & Leave Act currently allows parents up to 12 weeks leave from their jobs in cases such as pregnancy.