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The Importance of Early Intervention

The Importance of Early Intervention

The years zero to three are crucial years for every child, but for children who are showing signs of developmental delays, addressing them early is essential. Early intervention helps keep these children on a path to making the most of the fundamental abilities and skills developed during the early years of life.

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Early Intervention improves and enhances the development of a child with developmental delays, special needs, or other concerns. Early intervention therapies do more than provide immediate benefits during the developmental years. They have been proven to significantly increase the child’s ability to integrate in future social environments, including school and the community. Early intervention strategies have long-reaching effects into adolescence and adulthood, like improved behaviors, academic achievement, and ultimately, employment.

If you are concerned about developmental delays in your child, don’t panic, but also, don’t wait. Consult your healthcare provider who can screen your child and recommend you for early intervention services.

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