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How to Support Your Baby’s Brain Development

How to Support Your Baby’s Brain Development

Research shows that infants’ relationships with their parents influence their healthy development. What are some ways you can nurture their natural progress?

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Talk and sing a lot with your baby. Imitate their sounds back to them. Narrate what you are doing. Describe what you see when you are out for a walk. Name and identify everyday objects.
• Let your baby examine toys and safe household objects. Introduce things one at a time and let them look and touch at their own pace.
• Create a safe area for them to explore. Use items like baby gates and natural, soft barriers to set up a zone for them to move around. Ensure only safe items are present.
• Let your baby copy your actions and gestures. As you do something, let them try to do the same as you (if safe and possible). Babies learn much by imitation.

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