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Now's the Time: Brain Development

Now's the Time: Brain Development

Do you have a child younger than three years old? This video will share ways you can help support your baby’s developing brain.


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Your baby’s brain is growing at a rapid rate, making one million new neural connections per second! The development of the brain is influenced by many factors, like genetics, but also a child’s relationships and environment. What your baby experiences in her everyday life has a major effect on brain development, the results of which are lifelong. By age three, our brains have already reached up to 80% of their adult volume, so it’s crucial to support brain development in your child as early as possible.

Speech sounds stimulate your baby’s brain to make connections, so interact and talk with your baby as much as possible. Play with your baby, and engage with her at every opportunity. Encourage her to explore in a safe environment with basic toys she can manipulate.

Above all, being a loving and responsive parent helps build strong and healthy brains.

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