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When is Your Child Ready for Potty Training?

When is Your Child Ready for Potty Training?

When it comes to potty training, much depends on the individual child. Some toddlers start using the potty at 18 months, some at 3 years. Don’t push your child to train before he is ready--it may work against you by creating a frustrating situation. Look for these cues and signs that potty training can begin.



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• Your child can follow simple instructions without getting confused or distracted.
• Her diaper stays dry for 2 hours at time, with no bowel movements at night.
• He realizes that he is going to the bathroom. Look for facial expressions or different behaviors when they go, like moving to another location.
• Physical skills that are needed have been developed, like walking, pulling pants down, and getting on and off the potty.

If your child wants to use the potty and has expressed interest in learning, that’s a great sign that they’re not only willing, they’re ready.

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