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Now's the Time: Early Learning

Now's the Time: Early Learning

Do you have a child younger than three years old? This video will show you how to support your baby’s early learning.


RFTSNJ Series EarlyLearning

There aren’t any special tricks involved, and videos and web apps that claim to be “educational” aren’t the answer, either. The best way your baby can learn is by spending quality time with a caring adult. Babies are wired to listen and learn from others--most especially you.

Language is essential to other forms of learning in a baby’s life. Children who have had a lot of verbal interaction demonstrate more advanced linguistic skills later on. So expose your child to as much speech as possible. Sing to him and with him. Mimic his early sounds and have a “conversation” with your child. Read to him. Narrate your everyday activities. Name things he may see in your environment.

Loving and responsive care is the best way to give your baby a strong foundation to become confident and curious about the world around him and encourage his early learning.

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