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Preparing for Parenthood

Preparing for Parenthood

Many expectant parents think that preparation for parenthood means getting “stuff.” While some items are indeed crucial, it’s also smart to be mentally prepared for your baby’s arrival.

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Becoming a parent is a big change that will have an enormous effect on the rest of your life, so expecting that a few adjustments may be necessary is wise planning.

• Adjust your expectations. Talk to other new parents about what early parenthood is like. The first few months can be especially hard.
• Know that sleep will be limited and fractured--for both you and your baby.
• Your relationship with your partner will change. Have open and honest talks about about parenthood ahead of time.
• See if parenting classes are offered by a local organization, church or health center. Look for support groups for new and expectant parents.
• Ask for help and reach out to your support system.

It’s normal to doubt yourself, but know that you will get through the tough times and work through the skills of parenting.

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